Behind Sunkos: Revolutionizing Home Heating

The Origin

SUNKOS combines the words "SUN" and "KOS" (an acronym for KEY OPINION SPREADER) with a simple but inspiring idea - SHARE THE WARMTH.

The sun is the life energy for everything, favoring the earth without bias, a noble, altruistic spirit, and virtue. Like the sun, we're working towards a future where everyone can access essential physical and emotional warmth.

Our Values


For us, warmth isn't just to provide the physical comfort of heat but to make positive impacts through our actions. It's about the warmth of human connection and our care for those in need.


Innovation is the driving force behind progress and the core of our approach to business. It fuels our creativity and pushes boundaries to create more intelligent solutions.


Safety is the foundation upon which we build everything. We use cutting-edge flame-retardant aramid materials and intelligent safety features to ensure your peace of mind. When you choose SUNKOS, you choose warmth and the highest level of safety.


Every watt of energy in SUNKOS is meticulously transformed into comforting warmth, ensuring you get the most out of your investment. Efficiency also extends to our work culture. We work smart, make the most of every moment, and deliver exceptional results.