At SUNKOS, we believe in more than just providing warmth; we believe in a future where sustainability and comfort go hand in hand. Our actions speak louder than words, and here's what we've done to ensure our planet gets the care it deserves:

SUNKOS Cares for Our Planet

1. Unleashing Efficiency with Patented Heating Film:

  • Our patented heating film is a game-changer. It converts electricity into heat at an astonishing rate of up to 99%. That's not just energy efficiency; it's energy excellence.
  • Example: SUNKOS heaters maximize the use of electric energy, meaning less wasted power and a reduced carbon footprint.

2. Green Packaging with a Purpose:

  • We've embraced green packaging, designing every box to be robust and tailored for the protection of your electric heater.
  • Example: Our commitment to ditching Polystyrene foam, a toxic material, in favor of recyclable packaging is a step towards a healthier environment.

3. Aluminum and Recycling:

  • The body and inner central frame of SUNKOS Sunshine Electric Heaters are crafted from recycled aluminum. But we don't stop there.
  • Example: Over 70% of our heaters' weight comprises recycled materials, further reducing waste and conserving resources.

We don't just talk about sustainability; we live it every day. Our heaters provide warmth, comfort, and a greener tomorrow. When you choose SUNKOS, you're not just choosing a heater; you're choosing a promise of care for our planet. Together, let's make a world where staying warm means staying responsible.

Join us in the journey towards a better, more sustainable future. Choose SUNKOS - because every action counts.